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  1. 2022 Resolutions For You & Your Plants

    The new year is here, and it is time for the new you and new plants! Often the new year is a reminder of seasonality, renewal and regrowth. Whether your garden is currently blanketed in snow or you’re in the midst of tomato season in Zone 10, it’s still important to plan for plant success this time of year, and focus on your gardening goals.


    We’ll help you get started! Here is a list of resolutions for 2022 that revolve around gardening– see what you might want to add for you and your plants to make 2022 a green thumb year!


    Making 2022 Gardening Resolutions

    Start the year off on the right root… or turn a new leaf. Take a look at what plants you grew and how they did in 2021 and make plans for 2022.

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  2. Plan Ahead for the 2022 Spring Season

    Don’t wait until the air turns balmy to start thinking about planting. The sooner you start, the more you will be prepared once the spring sun starts to thaw the frozen ground. 


    What are you going to plant? What do you need to do to prepare the soil? What do you need to order? If you know what you are going to be planting and have everything you need on hand, you will be ready as soon as you can begin to work the soil.


    Looking Back At 2021, What Worked Well?

    Start by reviewing what worked last year and what didn’t. If your veggies were delicious and prolific, you will probably want to plant the same this year. 


    Just remember that it is best to rotate crops, so you might want to plant them in a d

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  3. 2021 Gift Guide: What to Buy the Gardener

    It’s that time again. Time to buy that special someone a gift, but you are out of ideas. If that someone is a gardener, here are a number of special gifts you can order for them. 


    It doesn’t have to be spring to brighten the life of your gardener friend, family member, or loved one. Here are our favorite gifts to give to any plant lover in your life:


    Amaryllis Red Lion Gift Kit

    • A gift that gives twice

    The Amaryllis Red Lion Kit will delight the recipient twice. The first time when they unwrap the box and the second time with the gorgeous blossoms open a couple of months lat

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  4. Planting Winter Garlic & Onions

    Looking to harvest your garlic and onions a little earlier? Planting them in the fall and leaving them in the ground through winter can give a better yield than garlic and onions planted in the spring. 


    You can grow them in beds or in containers nearby your house to watch their progress as they thrive and for easy access to garlic chives and onion greens!


    What are the Best Conditions for Planting Winter Garlic and Onions?  

    Garlic and onions are some of the most carefree crops you can cultivate. However, they do have preferences when it comes to their growing conditions.


    When to Plant Your Garlic or Onion

    The bulbs need 6 to 8 weeks of freeze-free growth to be ready

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  5. How To Use Evergreen Textures & Foliage

    When it comes to keeping your landscape glowing through the coldest and grayest months of the year, evergreens can’t stop, won’t stop! Not only do evergreens keep your yard verdant and beautiful, but they also provide cover and food for wildlife. Evergreens can also do double duty by providing privacy, windbreak, and a backdrop for your holiday decor.


    So, if you’ve been feeling a bit green with envy admiring your neighbor’s evergreens--don’t worry. This article will give you a bit of guidance for adding evergreens to your yard in an effective and attractive way.


    Selecting Evergreens for Your Landscape

    Before you order an army of shrubs and trees, you will want to carefully plan out what varieties you will want, how many, and be sure your yard can handle them. 

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  6. How & When to Harvest Your Fruit Trees

    Autumn is here. And if your fruit trees are still loaded down with fruit, you may be counting down to harvest day. Or… you may be wondering how long you should wait before you pluck nature’s candy from the limbs of your trees. 


    Don’t wonder any longer. We’re here to help! This article will walk you through how to determine if your fruit is at optimal ripeness and provide you with some techniques to make harvest time a fall festivity rather than a chore.


    Is It Harvest Time? When to Pick Your Fall Fruits

    Knowing when to harvest your fruit ensures you receive the most delicious fruits that will last the longest after picking. 


    However, with changes in weather from year to year, harvest day isn’t one that

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  7. How To Provide Winter Food & Water for Birds

    When it comes to supporting your backyard ecosystem, one of the best things you can do is keep your birds fed and hydrated as temperatures drop.


    Birds benefit most from a helping hand from humans during winter when they need the most energy to survive. Birds migrate to their winter locales and lack natural food sources in winter, making it a dire decision to feed or not to feed. 


    You can think of feeding your feathered friends as a way of supplementing their diets due to a loss of habitat and fewer bird-friendly shrubs. So, feed away!


    So how can you make the most of your backyard, deck, or front porch for birds? Here are some of the most important aspects of winter bird support you need to know:



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  8. Winter Pruning: Why, Which, and How?

    It’s easy to appreciate your yard being blanketed in snow during winter. The air is fresh and chilly, and you can take a break from high-maintenance tasks that some of your plants require, until spring. 


    It’s the perfect time to relax by a fire with warm cider or cocoa and enjoy your hardscaping and birds visiting your feeders. But before you completely clock out for the winter, keep in mind there are still a few outdoor shrubs and trees that can benefit from winter pruning.


    To Prune, or Not to Prune?

    You should prune most shrubs in winter. Pruning helps remove dead or unhealthy branches, and removing them during a dormant period will help the tree thrive whe

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  9. 4 Best Winter-Blooming Flowers for Your Garden

    Winter blooms melt away the winter gloom and gray. Many gardeners don’t realize there are an array of winter-blooming flowers that can light their gardens and their spirits. 


    Don’t let your winter be a wash of gray. Celebrate the beauty of nature by adding some wondrous winter flowers to your yard for flowers all year long. 


    With these flowers, you can add color, elegance, and energy to a season that is often ignored:


    Winter Aconite

    Winter Aconite (Eranthis hyemalis) is light, bright, and brilliant. You will want to sip hot tea while admiring these glo

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  10. Why to Turn Your Home Around with a Terrarium

    Moving into a new space or redecorating your home feels like a do-over. You can revamp it however you like and start incorporating more greenery into your life. 


    Plants can help your mental well-being. Having a creative and cultivating outlet for your energy is beneficial for your health, and can brighten up your environment. Who can turn away from that?


    What are Terrariums? 

    Terrarium in Latin means terra (earth) arium (a receptacle or location). Closed terrariums create a humid environment for the plant and it waters itself through perspiration and condensation. 


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