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Plantify Logo

What We Believe:

Plantify was founded on three closely-held perspectives: First, we believe that every person on the planet can live a more fulfilled life by enjoying the benefits of nature, in all of its forms. Second, we realize that across the globe people have different living situations, whether it be in a small apartment in a large city, in a suburban home with a yard, in a farmhouse on large swaths of rural acreage, or in some other situation somewhere in between. Third, we know that not everyone has the experience or expertise to enjoy nature to its fullest, and we believe that is a huge barrier to entry that prevents millions from leading more enriched lives.

Our Mission:

That’s why Plantify exists – to marry those three closely-held perspectives to create a place for people to enrich their lives by enjoying the benefits of nature, in all its forms, through convenience, technology, and education, regardless of where they live or how much they currently know.

Who We Are:

At our core, we’re farmers and green industry professionals who are super passionate about what we do, and we wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of nature to help people live better lives. We have over 120 years of combined experience servicing independent garden centers, farm stores, pet specialty stores, and nurseries with a vast array of products, some of which we’ve grown ourselves. We truly value and respect the unmatched quality of goods, professionalism, customer service, and product expertise that are found in these establishments. However, we also realize that consumer shopping habits and expectations are changing in a way to which the independent garden centers and farm stores aren’t keeping pace. That’s where we come in: to bring that same level of quality, professionalism, product variety, customer service, and expertise to consumers in a way that fits their current lifestyle. In short, we want to knock down the barriers of entry to the natural world to those who believe that it’s too much work, that they don’t have the expertise or space, or that are intimidated by it so that they can lead more fulfilled lives.

How We’re Different:

Certainly, there are several well-respected companies out there that do an outstanding job hosting a website, delivering you a houseplant, and even giving you helpful hints as to how to keep that plant alive. We truly believe that plants, trees, and greenery should be in everyone’s lives, and that’s why we supply them – but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Our view is that there is so much more to Nurturing Nature.

What differentiates Plantify is that we have the resources, supply chain, experience, and expertise to address so many more areas of nature, whether it be growing your own fruit or vegetables, delving into hydroponics or plant propagation, feeding birds, indoor gardening, container gardening, growing hemp, enjoying the wellness benefits of CBD and other natural products, raising backyard chickens, feeding your household pets and much, much more. Further, due to our long history of servicing garden centers and farm stores with an established supply chain and national network, we have the ability to provide goods and services, in quantities large and small, to both the professional farmer and the novice gardener alike.

Join the Nurturing Nature Movement:

To us, ‘nature’, does not simply mean plants. We want people to Nurture Nature, which is to say, we want them to ‘care for and encourage the growth or development of' whatever nature means to them, be it a plant, food or natural supplement, an animal, a hobby, a craft, or a feeling.

At Plantify, Nurturing Nature incorporates:

  • Whomever – We believe that everyone, regardless of age, station in life, or familiarity level should have the opportunity to Nurture Nature.
  • Whatever – We believe that Nurturing Nature comes in many forms, from the physical wellness that comes with consuming natural products, to spiritual wellness that comes from appreciating the natural world, the intellectual wellness that comes from learning something new, the social wellness that comes from joining workshops to learn a craft, and the emotional wellness and stress reduction derived from caring for plants, animals, or cultivating a garden.
  • Wherever – We believe that nature can be nurtured anywhere, whether it be inside a small city apartment, on a balcony, in a suburban yard, in a community garden, or across vast acreage.
  • Whenever – We believe that Nurturing Nature should not be relegated to fair weather, so we provide the resources to do so – winter, spring, summer, fall, and/or, day/night.