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Tree Starter Kit

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Buy a Tree Starter Kit for Each New Tree

  • Protect Trees from Wind Damage
  • Guard Bark Against Mower and String Trimmers
  • Easily Apply an Even Amount of Water

Get your new trees off to the best start with our All-in-One Tree Starter Kit. Now it's easy to protect against wind and mower damage with a Tree Starter Kit for each tree. You'll have no hassles providing your tree with a recommended even amount of water, either.

The Tree Stake kit includes a non-girdling strap, three 15 stakes and a pliable tree rope. Keep your new tree supported for the first season.

Staking your tree is a good idea for the first growing season at planting time. Staking holds the trunk vertical so it remains straight. It facilitates the new roots as they get established in the soil.

You'll also receive a 3 x 50' white tree wrap roll, which prevents damage from trimmers or lawnmowers. Durable, breathable polypropylene fabric fits any tree shape or texture.

Wrap the included watering donut around the trunk of your tree and fill with water. It will slowly release water for 5 - 8 hours.

The donut is UV stabilized with commercial quality. It is residential friendly and safe to use with nutrient or chemical additives.

Enjoy your new trees from the expert growers at! We appreciate your business.

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