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Brown Turkey Fig

Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'
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Delicious, Double Crops Brown Turkey Fig Tree

  • Two Harvests a Year
  • Breba Crop in Spring and Main Crop in Early Fall
  • Mild Tasting, Open Eye Variety
  • Healthy and Sweet Fruit
  • Prolific, Vigorous Tree
  • Long-Lived
  • Amazing, Fragrant Foliage
  • Can Be Grown in Containers in Zones 5 and 6 With Dormant Winter Protection
  • Virtually Pest Free

Love figs to enjoy fresh or dried and use in special recipes? Forget about paying high prices at the grocery store, when it's so easy to grow your own tree!

Dual crops of wonderful fruit can be harvested each year from the lively Brown Turkey Fig (Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'). Sweet, lush, delectable fruit features purplish to rusty-red skin and blush pink flesh.

The first breba crop arrives from late spring to early summer. You'll soon be rewarded with the main crop sometime in early fall.

Grow Brown Turkey Fig in the ground in warmer Zones where the climate is cooperative. Or, plant your tree in a large container in colder Zones or if space is at a premium.

Yes, you can plant the Brown Turkey in a container and grow fruit from your deck, patio or balcony! It's also very tolerant of urban conditions, so you can enjoy fresh fruit in the heart of the city.

In growing Zones 5 and 6, just cover it well, or bring your container into an unheated garage or shed to go dormant over the winter. When you bring it back outside, the show begins again!

(Pro tip: get a sturdy plant caddy with wheels on the bottom. Place your container on top of the caddy first, before you fill it with dirt and plant your fig. It will make your life a lot easier!)

Brown Turkey Fig fans praise the rich, mild flavor, and subtle sweetness that works well in many dishes. The fruit is outstanding for home preserves, canning, drying or eating fresh as a healthy snack.

The bronze fruits feature sumptuous red flesh and snappy edible seeds. Fresh figs are a true epicurean delight.

Foodies take note! There is nothing like a hand-picked fig fresh from your own tree, still warm from the sun.

It's so satisfying to harvest incredibly fresh figs for snacking, baking and more from your very own tree. Best of all, you'll know exactly how your food was cared for over many productive years.

It is a lovely ornamental plant, as well. Distinctive, huge, light green leaves fill out the grey branches. Enjoy their fun and funky look and spicy fragrance all season long.

Brown Turkey Fig trees are self-pollinating, so you'll just need one for fruit. If you love figs, get yourself two or add another variety. Like most fruiting plants, a partner tree will really boost your productivity.

You don't need to have a green thumb to grow this tree. They don't require a lot of fuss to keep them looking and performing their best.

Brown Turkey Fig belongs in every edible landscape! Order yours today.

How to Use Brown Turkey Fig Tree in the Landscape

Brown Turkey is a great ornamental plant, either in the ground or in containers. The lush, large, tropical-looking foliage can screen out ugly views for you.

Although Brown Turkey Fig can grow to a medium height, it can also be pruned easily to keep it at the right height for you.

The size of this tree will vary with the climate where it is being grown. In warm climates, they grow larger. In-ground trees can be used as a marvelous backdrop along a fence line.

Low branches provide wonderful screening to block unsightly views. Use them very successfully as a wonderfully useful hedge.

To create a solid, fruitful screen, plant them 5 feet apart on center. Measure from the center of one to the center of the next. Grow them informally, not sheared.

In Zones 5 and 6, in-ground plants may die back to the ground each year. They'll become a shrubbier plant with new growth from the roots each year. Consider them a landscape shrub that needs winter protection.

Even container grown plants can be placed "strategically" to boost your privacy. Use them along a pool deck or near your kitchen door to have handy ingredients for hors d'oeuvres.

Any way you use it, Brown Turkey Fig can become a cherished specimen plant for you. The foliage and ornamental fruit definitely brings a high-end look to your landscape.

Pick the ripe figs when the texture turns soft. Use garden shears or hand-pick your crops with a gentle tug upward. Enjoy!

#ProPlantTips for Care

Plant in full sun, with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. They'll do best in well-drained soil.

Handle with care when planting your Fig, as their roots display some sensitivity. Take your time and gently place the root ball into your planting hole. Follow planting instructions on your order confirmation and on our website.

Give Fig trees an even amount of water on a regular basis to avoid splitting fruit. Use the Finger Test to determine when to water.

Stick your finger into the soil near the plant up to the 2nd knuckle. Getting dry? Time to water. Still moist? Skip watering and check in a day or two.

They'll like a thick layer of mulch over their root systems, and you'll appreciate the savings on your water bill. Pull mulch back 6 inches back from the trunk.

Brown Turkey requires hard pruning to keep its wide-spreading nature under control and promote a heavy main crop each season. Prune in winter while your tree is dormant.

This is one of the best to espalier; a pruning technique which has been popular in Europe for generations.

It is also one of the best for containers grown for patio décor. Bring it into an unheated garage or shed for dormant winter protection in Zones 5 and 6. It is not a houseplant, and does need to go dormant for winter.

Savoring tree-ripe figs are one of the world's best experiences. Plant your own Brown Turkey Fig to enjoy two crops a year. Order today!

More Information
Botanical Name Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'
Mature Height 10 - 15 feet
Mature Spread 12 - 15 feet
Soil Type Well-Drained
Moisture Moderate
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Foliage Color Green
Fruiting Time Two Crops a Year; First in Spring, Second in Fall
Pollinator Required No
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Growing Zone Range 5-9
Brown Turkey Fig Is Suited to Grow in Zones 5-9
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