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Basil Grow Bag

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Ok, at the holiday season mistletoe and holly get all of the attention. But seriously, wouldn’t it be exponentially better if we kissed under the basil? A great kiss, a slice of pizza with fresh basil and a cup of Christmas cheer? Sign us up!

Whether your friends and family have green thumbs or brown, they will enjoy growing fresh herbs at home.

The Urban Agriculture Basil Kit is super easy to grow. They’ll be harvesting their own basil leaves in a matter of weeks! The kit includes everything: a pack of organic basil seeds, a small bag of organic soil, a plant tag and a nifty container made of recycled tea bags.

Basil is a delicious, versatile herb that is a mainstay in pasta and meat dishes. If your kitchen only has a few herbs, make sure that basil is one of them!

We will probably sell out of these popular kits, so order yours early!

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