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Replacement Cover for 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

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These days, it's best to be prepared with extra supplies on hand, isn't it? Order your Replacement Cover for Mini Greenhouse 4-Tier Growing Rack to keep your plants happy and healthy with sustained warmth and humidity regardless of season or weather conditions.

This sturdy, clear polyethylene cover becomes an effective barrier to protect your plants from harmful UV rays, frost and cold temperatures. Use your Mini Greenhouse from indoors or outdoors!

Planting and Application:

Mini indoor Greenhouses can be paired with our Grow Lights to provide even light. Turn your hobby into a professional opportunity with these as a perfect building block.

  • Say goodbye to garden-damaging insects! Start your seedlings off right without competition from chewing, destructive insects.
  • One of the biggest advantages to this Replacement Cover is avoiding exposure to common plant diseases. Keep your plants healthy by using it as an inexpensive "insurance policy".
  • Lock in moisture with this Replacement Cover for Mini Greenhouse 4-Tier Growing Rack. Houseplants and Citrus trees love those steady growing conditions.
  • Keep the cover closed for proper humidity. Or, regulate the temperatures using the roll-up tie door.
  • Pesky garden weeds are greatly reduced with this cover. Placing your desired plants under wraps helps keep any invading seeds at bay.

#ProPlantTips for Care: 

High grade, waterproof clear plastic lets in the sunlight. But, you'll have a natural barrier for unwanted intruders like bugs and spores.

  • Keep extra covers on hand to extend the life of your Mini Greenhouse from You'll love all the options of these sturdy and configurable plant solutions!
  • Stay ready for life's opportunities. Make green with help from these effective greenhouses.
  • Stock up at for designer-grade landscape and fruiting plants. Add the potting soil, fertilizer, Grow Lights, Mini Greenhouse and Replacement Covers you need at the same time!
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