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Lacto Pickle Kit

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Make Your Own Pickles With This Pickling Kit!

  • ½ Gallon Glass Fermenting Jar
  • Glass Fermenting Weight
  • Lid With Airlock
  • Kosher Salt
  • Black Tea Bag

Everyone loves a good pickle from time to time (or all the time, if you're like me)! Make all your favorite pickles from deli-style, classic dill, or even spicy hot pickles! No matter what kind you want to make, it is the easiest thing to make with the Lacto Pickle Kit.

This awesome kit includes all the tools you will need to make your very own pickles! It comes with a ½ gallon glass fermentation jar with an airlock lid and a glass fermentation weight, kosher salt, and a black tea bag.

Now you may be thinking, why don't I just make a quick pickle? It's fast and easy when you are in a rush. But here is the kicker, that amazing crunch and snap that you usually get from pickles is only obtained through fermentation! You can't get that from just a quick pickle.

By fermenting your pickles, adding your favorite pickling spices, and having just a little bit of patience, you will be able to make the most delicious pickles you have ever tasted! Plus, you can be proud knowing that you made them all on your own.

Fermentation is quickly becoming a health trend in our modern society, and you can be one of the first of your friends to be able to brag about how you can ferment and create any kind of pickles you could ever want.

Fermenting creates healthy bacteria that can be extremely good for you! This is like the bacteria found in yogurt and kombucha that helps give you a healthy gut. There are tons of foods that can be fermented and have all kinds of health benefits.

When it comes to fermenting foods, get excited and get experimental! If not for the health benefits that come along with fermenting your food, then for the fact that fermented foods are just downright delicious and tasty!

Use the cucumbers and herbs in your own garden to start fermenting your own pickles for an added bonus of really making the pickles completely yours! This kit is extremely eco-friendly since it is made of glass, and you can use it over and over for years to come to make all sorts of recipes that will be completely your own!

If you don't have your own garden, that is ok too! Simply pick up a couple of cucumbers and herbs next time your at the grocery store, or start growing your own garden today! It is the perfect time of year, after all, to start a fun project like this.

Nature Hills sells a wide variety of planters and garden beds right here on our site! I highly recommend you take a look at them if you are looking to start gardening or just looking to expand your current garden. With one of our garden beds and this fermentation kit by your side, your culinary world will open up with a ton of possibilities!

Nature Hills is dedicated to offering the best quality products to our customers to enhance their home and garden experience. That is why we want to offer our customers products such as this Lacto Pickle Kit!

Try something new and add this Lacto Pickle Kit to your cart today! Once you taste your amazing pickles, you will know you made an excellent choice!

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