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All Summer Beauty Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla 'All Summer Beauty'
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Great Name All Summer Beauty Hydrangea

  • Hardy Mophead Hydrangea
  • Lovely Large Blooms Pink or Blue, Depending on Your Soil pH
  • Lush and Free-Flowering
  • Reblooming Through Summer
  • Leave Long-Lasting Blooms on the Shrub for Winter Interest
  • Blooms on Both Old Wood and New Wood
  • Excellent in Containers
  • Green Foliage Turns Bright, Buttery Yellow in Fall
  • Must-Have for Cut Flower Arrangements
  • No Need to Deadhead
  • Widely Adaptable Across the United States
  • Grows in Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Disease and Insect Resistance

Turn heads with the outstanding ornamental flowers of All Summer Beauty Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla 'All Summer Beauty') This deciduous shrub has outstanding ornamental flowers.

All Summer Beauty Hydrangea is an improved big-leaf, mophead variety. It features giant, 6-inch clusters of gorgeous flowers amid the bright green, serrated foliage.

This prolific Hydrangea starts the flower power on old wood from last year. The blooms keep coming because it also blooms on new wood from this year.

All Summer Beauty can be coaxed to produce either pink or blue blooms, depending on your soil pH. This versatility extends to the ability to grow them in the ground, or in outdoor containers.

The fantastic blooms persist a long time on the shrub. They'll gradually fade, so you can enjoy a variety of hues as the season progresses.

The blooms look simply amazing in pretty cut flower arrangements. Don't forget to include some of the vibrant green, rough-toothed leaves in your bouquets. They'll set off the blooms to perfection.

This rare Hydrangea even offers you a fall color display. Enjoy one last blast of color when its foliage turns to a lively yellow to brighten your autumn landscape.

We recommend that you leave the last blooms on your shrub for winter interest. These compact shrubs are well-branched, so you'll enjoy the natural, rounded habit even without leaves.

It is one of the most winter hardy cultivars of the Bigleaf Hydrangeas, and has no significant insect or disease issues. The flowers are held on strong stems, so you won't see any flopping or drooping after a rainfall.

For an easy-care shrub that keeps pumping out the blooms, rely on the celebrated All Summer Beauty Hydrangea.They'll be a welcome addition to your yard this summer.

How to Use All Summer Beauty Hydrangea in the Landscape

In the hottest climates, this plant will appreciate afternoon shade.Use several of these deciduous shrubs as a spectacular hedge on the north or east side of your property. Plant them 2 ½ feet apart on center. You'll measure from the center of one to the center of the next.

Try one or more in pretty pots for a fun summer accent. Add Creeping Phlox to the edges of your container to drape over the side, add spring blooms and soften the look.

Renting? Grow them in containers to decorate your porch, balcony or patio.

Mix them into your borders, and use them as a lovely, useful backdrop in your cutting garden. Add a curving row of them near mature evergreen trees to add a welcome burst of color.

Give plants a sheltered spot in Zone 5, and consider covering them with a burlap blanket in winter. Use bungee cords to encircle the plant and keep everything secure.

How nice it is to unwrap your beautiful shrub once the weather warms up again!

#ProPlantTips for Care

In all but the hottest growing USDA zones, plant All Summer Beauty Hydrangea in full sun. It develops the strongest stems and most flowers with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.

In hot, sticky, humid summers, give them morning sun and afternoon shade. They are a perfect choice for the east or southeast side of your home or structure. Try using taller shrubs and trees as cover, too.

It is adaptable to a variety of soil types, but it must be well-drained soil. Use a raised bed for your planting site, or plant in containers if you have poorly drained soil.

Give a medium amount of water on a regular schedule. Please keep containers well watered, especially in the height of summer as the blooms are developing.

In fall, before you winterize the sprinkler system, give your plant a thorough drink. Going into winter hydrated becomes especially important when the weather is dry in autumn.

As with other Hydrangeas, the color of your blooms will be dependent upon your soil conditions. All Summer Beauty flowers are pink in soils with higher pH (alkaline soils) and the same plant will sport flowers that are sky blue in lower pH soils (more acidic). The flower color will let you know where your pH is.

Add garden lime according to the directions to slowly promote a pink bloom color.Add sulphur or aluminum sulfate to reduce pH for blooms that are sky blue in acidic soils.

Apply an acidic mulch, such as pine straw or pine bark as a top-dressing for blue blooms. Mulch will also help to keep the root systems nice and cool. Please pull mulch back from the crown of your plant by 6 inches for proper air circulation.

All Summer Beauty Hydrangea blooms first on old wood from last year. It will also push out new flower clusters on the new wood from this year.

Wait until you see early spring when you have seen new growth, then lightly trim back any winter damage. Tidy up the shape as you like, but don't trim too much or you'll lose the early blooms.

Regular cutting of blooms will give you wonderful material to create special cut flower arrangements! If you want to cut flowers for indoor arrangements, cut them at a 45-degree angle right above an outward-facing bud.

All Summer Beauty Hydrangea is a hardy flowering shrub with snowball-shaped flowers. It's a cinch to maintain in your landscape. Order yours now for "All Summer Beauty".

More Information
Botanical Name Hydrangea macrophylla 'All Summer Beauty'
Mature Height 3 - 4 feet
Mature Spread 3 - 5 feet
Soil Type Well-Drained
Moisture Medium
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Shade
Growth Rate Medium
Bloom Period Summer
Flower Color Blue or Pink
Foliage Color Green
Fall Color Yelow
Pollinator Required No
Pollinator Friendly No
Growing Zone Range 5-9
All Summer Beauty Hydrangea Is Suited to Grow in Zones 5-9
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