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Hard Cider Making Kit

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Make Your Own Cider With This Cider Making Kit!

  • Dry Cider Yeast (3)
  • Glass Fermentation Jug with Air Lock Lid
  • Cleanser (3)
  • Other Required Tools and Ingredients
  • 7% ABV

Ever wanted to make your own craft cider at home? Well now you can with this Cider Making Kit! It can be hard to find complete cider-making kits, but you won't have to look any further!

This cider-making kit includes absolutely everything you will need to make a batch of cider. From the brewing equipment to the dry cider yeast, you will get it all! You can make great cider right at home, and reuse the equipment for any future brews you may want to make!

Your homebrew starter kit will come with a glass fermentation jar with an airlock lid, a cleanser, tubing, and clamp, a screw cap stopper, racking cane, cider-making yeast, dry cider yeast, and a cider recipe!

Homebrewers usually have to spend years researching and taking the time to learn how to brew cider to their taste. Now, you can learn to be a homebrewer with these amazing home brewing kits! The jug included makes one gallon of cider, Which is perfect for testing your capabilities. Before you know it, you will be making gallons upon gallons of cider like it's nothing.

A good homebrewing kit can be hard to find, but countless homebrewers are raving about how amazing and easy to use this kit is! It's no small batch either. You will be able to make a whole gallon of this delicious cider!

This batch will make a delicious Hard Cider. This cider kit will allow you to make three batches of tart, dry and bubbly hard cider. You will get the fresh apple taste, and with a 7% alcohol content, it is sure to be enjoyable!

All the equipment that you get in this kit is completely reusable. So once you get done trying your hand on the Hard Cider, try making perhaps the American Pale Ale or an amber ale. No matter what kind of brew you want to make, you can rest assured that you can make it with this kit right here.

Spend an evening experimenting with making cider, or turn it into a fun date night activity! You could even get multiple kits, spend a weekend brewing, and then throw your very own tasting party! We guarantee that you will love the cider and beer you make with these kits.

You will be so impressed with not only this kit but yourself as well! You can be proud knowing that you were able to make a brew all by yourself. You can even brag about it to your friends, or start having brewing parties and make it a regular part of your life.

Nature Hills wants to offer you the best products when it comes to enhancing your home and outdoor experience. These homebrew kits will do exactly that! With so many flavors and brews to choose from, we guarantee you will never be bored making these brews at home.

Once your brew has finished fermenting, you can show it off at your next backyard BBQ or party! Nature Hills has so many flavors to offer you, that there will be at least one that you will love (but we are sure you will love them all).

Take a crack at the Bruxelles Blonde! Or even the Grapefruit Honey Ale, the New England IPA, and the Afternoon Wheat! We highly recommend that you try making each one at least once. It is a great and fun way to see what kinds of brews you like, or if you already have a favorite, test your skill at making it yourself.

Get yourself this cider-making kit today, and enjoy the amazing brew tastes for years to come!

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