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German Red Garlic

Allium sativum 'German Red'
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Cold Climate Loving German Red Garlic

When regular garlic simply doesn't cut it anymore, German Red has got you covered! Sure, for most, garlic's taste is plenty pungent but for true spice connoisseurs, there's nothing better than a homegrown German Red Garlic.

This specimen is known for its reliable production of large, round, and easy to peel cloves. Imagin, never struggling endlessly to peel another clover ever again. Or, at least until you use up what you've grown!

Don't feel the need to rush that use though! German Red can be kept up to six months in optimal storage conditions!

You'll want to plant this heirloom variety about six inches apart and two to three inches deep. After what will feel like the fastest-growing season ever, you'll be ready to harvest German Red. While harvesting, you might find quite a few double cloves than you would with other varieties. That's German Red's specialty!

If you live in a colder climate but still want to try your hand at growing your own garlic, German Red is the hardneck garlic for you. Order yours today from Plantify!

  • Full-bodied Spicy Taste
  • Often Produces Double Cloves
  • Stores Well Up To 6 Months
  • Great Garlic for Cold Climates
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