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Bonide Repels-All Animal Repellent RTU Spray

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Prevent Nibbling and Gnawing

Bonide® Shot-Gun® Repels-All® RTU is formulated with natural ingredients like clove, garlic oil, urea, vinegar and wintergreen oil.

Repels three ways, by sense of touch, taste and smell. Effective up to 2 months per application.

This unique blend of ingredients causes a mild irritation to the animal's nasal passages. When they touch, taste or smell this product, it triggers a natural instinct to escape/avoid. The animal simply leaves. Truly a humane way to protect your landscape investments.

Safely and effectively repel deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, dogs, cats, racoons, porcupines, armadillos, birds, rats, mice, beaver, ground hogs, skunks, voles, moles and shrews from around your home and garden area.

Apply around homes, gardens, garbage cans, barns, swimming pools, garden sheds, woodpiles, decks, patios, outbuildings, boathouses, campsites, picnic areas, cabins, trailers, travel trailers, RV hook-up sites and other areas where therese animals may be a problem.

Safe around children.

This biodegradable formula will not harm lawns, gardens, flowerbeds or other desireable plants when used as directed. Not for indoor use.

Protect your investment - order today!

  • Drives Animals Away Naturally
  • Safe Around Kids
  • Won't Harm Plants

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