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Blue Mist Bluebeard

Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Blue Mist'
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Sophisticated Late Season Blooms Blue Mist Bluebeard

  • Powder-Blue Flowers from Late Summer to Fall
  • Fragrant, Silvery-Green Foliage
  • Compact, Mounded Form Looks Great All Season
  • Excellent Nectar Support for Butterflies And Helpful Pollinators
  • No Butterfly Garden Should Be Without
  • Use in Containers
  • Versatile Landscape Use
  • Widely Adaptable and Easy-Care

Plant this gorgeous, flowering deciduous shrub and enjoy the lovely, mounded form all season long. It will simply shine in your late season garden.

Best of all...Blue Mist Bluebeard (Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Blue Mist') is a superstar when it comes to supporting the nectar needs of local beneficial pollinators? Honey bees and butterflies can't get enough of the softly colored, feathery blue blooms.

Some of our top-selling plants feature blue flowers. Blue blooms are always welcome in the landscape. And Blue Mist Bluebeard produces these cherished flowers over the course of many weeks.

The display just goes on and on as the growing season winds to a close. These showy small shrubs create a larger-than-life impact no matter where you place them.

That pastel-blue shade really "pops" against contrasting bold yellow flowers. It's a classic complement to the pink and white blooms of partner plants.

Blue Mist performs beautifully either in the ground, or in outdoor containers. It blooms when very few other shrubs are flowering.

Bluebeards are well-known for their low-maintenance nature and high performance. This variety has charming small flowers that are found clustered in panicles along the length of each slender stem.

Even when they aren't blooming, you'll love the look and fragrance of the silvery-gray leaves in a high-profile area. You'll release the fresh-smelling perfume of their slender, Willow-shaped leaves with a touch.

Grow them as a perennial in colder zones. They bloom on this year's wood, and can be hard-pruned to maintain their trim shape.

You'll want to have plenty of blooms to snip for indoors cut flower arrangements. Order several Blue Mist Bluebeard today!

How to Use Blue Mist Bluebeard in the Landscape

Whether you use one or many, Blue Mist Bluebeard works hard to give your landscape a softly polished presentation. The tight mound of foliage looks nearly formal, while the fluffy flowers add a touch of rustic charm.

Line up a row of these marvelous plants to create a solid, low hedge. They'll accent your walkways and help define your garden border.

Space them eighteen inches apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next. The stems will grow together and touch.

In the coldest zones they are rated for, they'll behave as perennials, regrowing from the roots each year. Trim them back and enjoy a fresh year's worth of flowers next year.

Repeat their use in sunny garden beds throughout your yard as a consistent element. They add wonderful, late blue color in your mixed garden beds.

Butterfly Gardens will benefit from their enticing flowers. Pair with early blooming and mid-season bloomers to support your local pollinators.

And of course, you can always enjoy them in outdoor containers. Depending on the size of your pot, they'll be a fabulous "Thriller" in the center or a series of "Fillers" around the edges.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Blue Mist Bluebeard is such an easy care shrub, when a few simple requirements are met. They are sun-loving, and need a spot in full sun with at least six hours of sunlight a day.

They also need well-drained soil that does not stay wet for long. If your native soil stays soggy, create a raised bed to elevate their roots.

During their first year in your landscape, apply water on a regular schedule. Once their roots are established in your soil, they'll become moderately drought tolerant. However, we do recommend you protect your investment with supplemental water during long dry spells.

Leave the foliage in place overwinter to protect the crown from winter weather. In Zone 5 and 6, you can prune them back to the ground each spring before they start to grow.

In Zones 7 and 8, you can trim them back by half each year in early spring. They'll bounce right back and delight you again.

In areas with deer pressure, it's best to use repellent on planting day. No plant is truly deer resistant, if the animals are hungry enough. Reapply according to label instructions.

Order Blue Mist Bluebeard. It's a perfect choice that you'll feel great about.

More Information
Botanical Name Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Blue Mist'
Mature Height 12 - 18 inches
Mature Spread 2 - 3 feet
Soil Type Well Drained
Moisture Medium
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Bloom Period Summer, Fall
Flower Color Blue
Foliage Color Silver
Pollinator Required No
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Growing Zone Range 5-8
Blue Mist Bluebeard Is Suited to Grow in Zones 5-8
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