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Blue Italian Cypress

Cupressus sempervirens 'Glauca'
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Sophisticated Classic Blue Italian Cypress

  • Classic Columnar Shape
  • Sculptural Detail
  • Lush Blue-Green Foliage
  • Works Beautifully on the Coast
  • Drought Tolerant When Established
  • Extremely Long Lived

Slender, gorgeous Blue Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens 'Glauca') trees have graced gardens throughout the Mediterranean for untold centuries. This beautiful tree has the ability to instantly conjure up the romantic charm of the Old World.

It's also incredibly hardworking in the home landscape and will look as stunning in the sleeping winter garden as they do in the vibrant summer garden. This tree can help you meet several garden goals, including privacy, shade, accent and definition.

Blue Italian Cypress are hardy, evergreen conifers. With their tall, narrow habit, they'll bring structure to your design all year-long. They'll dependably keep their lush, blue-green foliage almost all the way to the ground.

A natural column, these trees never need pruning to keep its classic upright shape, although you can shear them if you want a very formal look. Otherwise, a simple clip will take care of any errant branch. Overall, this is a very low-maintenance tree.

Blue Italian Cypress represent the pinnacle of worldly refinement. And it works just beautifully in the modern landscape on today's small lots. Order enough to complete your project today!

How to Use Blue Italian Cypress in the Landscape

People have been using these columnar trees to line the edge of their properties since time immemorial. Their tall spires give claim to a magnificent sense of land ownership. Imagine how incredible they would look lining your driveway, or serenely enhancing the perimeter of your yard.

They'll really take off for you once they get established in your soil. For a faster effect, be sure to purchase the largest, oldest trees we have in stock. You'll always be pleased at the immediate impact a larger tree will have on your design.

People plant Blue Italian Cypress as individual trees by digging planting holes at least 10 feet apart, measuring from the center of one trunk to the center of the next. You can also plant them closer to create a solid privacy screen by digging your planting holes 5 feet apart. The branches will grow together.

Plant them wherever you need a strong vertical accent in your yard. Use 3, 5, or 7 of them as individual trees in a curved garden bed to develop a "vista" or view from your deck. Include a special piece of statuary or fountain in that bed to draw your eye to this special focal point.

Consider a single tree as a magnificent specimen near the entrance of a Zen Garden. Pair it with contrasting a round boulder, river rock, mounding small shrubs and add in the arching plumes of Ornamental Grass. This tree easily creates special moments or "vignettes" in the garden.

Single specimens can also provide visual punctuation at important points of transition in your garden. For instance, try one near the entrance doorway of a contemporary house. Try a pair placed on either side of an imposing garden gate or cozy pergola.

Amp up your garden design with these special trees. Give yourself and your visitors an experience, as they move through your landscape.

Plant them 5 feet apart for a privacy screen, measuring from the trunk of one to the trunk of the other. They are quite comfortable being planted very close together to form a dense hedge to block an unwanted view. These trees are especially useful in a narrow side yard, as their footprint is small, but they achieve impressive height.

You can also use these to create a screen to provide shade on the south or west of your house. Consider getting creative with this treatment. Why not plant them in a geometric pattern to create a playful area for kids to hide and seek in and around these beloved trees? You'll create a memorable legacy.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Blue Italian Cypress are fast growing and tremendously drought tolerant once established. For best results, you'll want to baby them a bit when they are first introduced to your yard.

Watch the water that first year and use the "Finger Test" to check the soil conditions under the ground. Just poke your finger into the ground near the tree. If it feels dry, give your new trees a nice, long drink. If the soil feels moist, check again in a day or two.

Their root system is deep and rarely poses a surface root problem. Blue Italian Cypress can safely be used in side yards and planted 15 feet from sidewalks and driveways, measuring from the trunk.

They require very little maintenance and are adapted to a wide range of soils both acid and alkaline. They are particularly adapted to extremely dry and arid climates and are resistant to city contaminants.

Blue Italian Cypress are the perfect backdrop for almost any landscape and partner plant. You'll love adding these statuesque beauties to your garden. Order today!

More Information
Botanical Name Cupressus sempervirens 'Glauca'
Mature Height 50 - 60 feet
Mature Spread 4 - 6 feet
Soil Type Well Drained
Moisture Medium to Low
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Fast
Foliage Color Blue Green
Fall Color Evergreen
Pollinator Required No
Pollinator Friendly No
Growing Zone Range 7-10
Blue Italian Cypress Is Suited to Grow in Zones 7-10
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