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Ashanti Society Garlic

Tulbaghia x 'Ashanti'
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Alluring and Colorful Ashanti Society Garlic

  • Stunning Lavender Blossoms Atop Tall Stems
  • Edible Flowers Perfect for Garnish
  • Very Durable Once Established
  • Clumping Growth Habit is Non-Invasive
  • Perfect Herb Garden Starter Plant
  • Easy to Care For
  • Deer Resistant

Cooling down in the refreshing shade of your patio could be quite a bit sweeter with the addition of Ashanti Society Garlic (Tulbaghia x 'Ashanti' PP27,404)! Perfect for borders or accents, this flower's clustered form and pretty flowers will charm your socks off!

As the days grow warmer during the spring, Ashanti sprouts grass-like stems from slender light green leaves. Just as spring is winding into the warm sunny days of summer, the stems blossom with dainty lavender-colored blooms!

These flowers grace the top of stems that can reach a foot above the rest of the plant, giving it a unique texture. For a slightly more herbaceous feel, crush a stem or two to release a slight garlic aroma that'll have you craving a crispy slice of garlic bread. Yum!

Looking for an edible garnish for your salad? Ashanti has you covered! Its flowers are edible and often used to add a little pop of color to culinary dishes!

You aren't the only one who will want to sneak a taste! Butterflies and other beneficial pollinators will flutter into your garden hoping to snack on the nectar. Nothing beats a garden full of fluttering beautiful butterflies!

Let these little purple flowers perk up your garden year after year by planting an Ashanti Society Garlic or two. Order from our expert growers at Nursery today!

How to Use Ashanti Society Garlic in the Landscape

How can Ashanti be used in your landscape? Oh let us count the ways! These perennials can be used as accents in your patio garden to add texture with their soring lavender blooms.

These plants also work very nicely in herb gardens with their light garlic fragrance and edible flowers.

Don't have an herb garden? There's no better way to start one than by adding an Ashanti Society Garlic as a border specimen! They're thought to deter moles from your other edible herbs and vegetables with its scent.

Herb gardens aren't the only way to use these plants as a border specimen. Line your walkway with them or your backyard garden, they'll draw attention without covering the flowers behind them!

Ashanti Society Garlic's scent will also deter deer, so they make wonderful companion plants in your garden or in containers. These make fantastic "Filler" in mixed plantings. They also make a high-impact standalone anchor plant in matching large containers placed prominently along the length of the bed.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Growing Society Garlic is often easy as they require minimal maintenance. You'll be happy to know, Ashanti is no exception! These plants are happiest and bloom the best when placed somewhere they can bask in the sunlight all day long. The more sun the better.

Space out the individual cloves so each plant can develop in a 3-4 inch area. Put the root side down and pointed side up into the loosened soil and cover with an inch or two of soil and water in well.  

Light, sandy soil is best but any soil that is well-draining will work just fine. Ashanti isn't too picky! Regular watering will go a long way as well.

Each clove will develop roots and grow all fall and into winter right up until the soil freezes just like your tulip bulbs will. Then in the spring, your garlic plants will start growing early and strong which will make nice large bulbs of garlic that can be harvested in July or so depending upon where you are located.

Pruning is easy too! Simply cut back the old foliage before any newer leaves start growing early in the spring. If you're looking for a "plant it and leave it" addition to your garden, Ashanti is for you!

You'll be so pleased with the quality and longevity of Ashanti Society Garlic when planted in your garden. Order one or two to complete your garden today!

More Information
Botanical Name Tulbaghia x 'Ashanti'
Mature Height 12 inches
Mature Spread 12-15 inches
Soil Type Well Drained
Moisture Medium
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Fast
Bloom Period Late Spring, Fall
Flower Color Purple
Fall Color n/a
Pollinator Required No
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Growing Zone Range 7-11
Ashanti Society Garlic Is Suited to Grow in Zones 7-11
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