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Armstrong Maple

Acer x freemanii 'Armstrong'
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Alluring Upward Branched Armstrong Maple

  • Classic Red Maple Leaves in Fall
  • Unique Upward Growing Branches
  • Perfect for Narrow Yards or Street Planting
  • Stunning Silver Bark for Winter Interest

It may not be a famous jazz musician or a world renowned space traveler, but Armstrong Maple (Acer x freemanii 'Armstrong') is certainly a winner as far as trees go. Whether near a street in an urban setting, filling in a corner of a rather small yard, or acting as a privacy screen on the edge of your property, you can depend on Armstrong to be a beautiful, and efficient, Maple tree!

Like most Maple trees, Armstrong starts spring off by budding large and luscious green leaves that stick around all through summer. Once the temperature cools off, those same leaves turn the brilliant red that's become a staple of Maple trees.

However, unlike other trees, Armstrong Maple has branches that grow upwards at an impressive angle. This gives the tree a unique look and makes it the perfect specimen for spaces too narrow for a regular maple tree with an outward spread.

Armstrong is even pleasing to look at during the colder months of winter as its cross between the Red Maple and Silver Maple has left it with stunningly silver bark that seems to shine when the tree is bare.

Those aren't the only great traits Armstrong got from its two parent trees. The Silver Maple gives the tree its rapid growing nature and its adaptability to most soils while the Red Maple gives it its fantastic fall color and solid form. The hybridization of the two trees in 1933 truly gave the gardening and landscape world a perfect urban Maple tree.

When deciding where to plant this narrow deciduous tree, you won't have to think about the soil much as it is not picky. It does appreciate being planted somewhere it can bask in the sun all day long. Armstrong tolerates both flooding and drought for short periods of time very well, making it the perfect tree for places with finicky weather patterns.

Narrow spaces and small yards are Armstrong Maples best friend! Don't let space keep you from enjoying a Maple tree and order one of your own today!

More Information
Botanical Name Acer x freemanii 'Armstrong'
Mature Height 50 - 70 feet
Mature Spread 15 - 20 feet
Soil Type Well Drained
Moisture Medium
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Moderate
Bloom Period Late Spring
Flower Color Red
Foliage Color Green
Fall Color Orange/Red
Pollinator Required No
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Growing Zone Range 4-9
Armstrong Maple Is Suited to Grow in Zones 4-9
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