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Arctic Blue Floribunda Rose Tree Form

Rosa 'WEKblufytirar'
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Cool-Toned Accent Arctic Blue™ Rose Tree Form

  • Extremely High Quality Grower
  • "Must Have" Rose Selection Grafted on 36" Standard
  • Prolific Floribunda Variety
  • Fully Double Blooms
  • High Pointed Buds
  • Magnificent Lilac Pink Tones Feature Iced Lavender Blue Finish
  • Spicy Clove Fragrance
  • Glossy, Medium Green Leaves
  • Shows Resistance to Common Rose Diseases

For a hot summer accent tree, you've got to add the Arctic Blue™ Rose (Rosa 'WEKblufytirar') tree form from This spectacular Rose produces clusters of large blooms with a very noteworthy color and an impeccable flower form.

Lovely as a seasonal plant across every area of the country. These very special plants introduce deliciously cool-colored flowers that are perfectly offset by refreshing mid-toned green foliage.

Romantic to the extreme, Arctic Blue showcases lilac pink blossoms that are chilled by a unique lavender blue finish. Each bloom is iced with cool cream on the reverse.

The form is sophisticated, but each bloom is quite lavish. With a petal count between 35 - 40, you'll relish the repeat blooms of these clusters of lovely colored flowers.

This is a small tree that can be styled several ways. It looks fantastic in a modern, slate gray geometric container. Or, add a pair on either side of the entrance to a Victorian-style gazebo.

Hand-grafted to a 36" standard by some of the best plantsmen in the industry, this small tree will spark conversation and turn heads. You'll be charmed every time you look at this prolific bloomer.

Spare a few of the noteworthy, slightly ruffled blooms for a gorgeous cut flower arrangement. No need to fret, as they'll be more coming soon.

As one of the latest offerings, Arctic Blue displays a handsome rounded profile and disease resistance. Reduced pruning and spraying requirements makes it much easier to care for!

If you see this special tree in stock on our site, place your order right away. As you might imagine, homeowners across the country are searching for this hot new Rose as a decorative accent. is one of the first nurseries to offer Arctic Blue Rose as a tree form. Order today!

How to Use Arctic Blue Rose Tree Form in the Landscape

Place this small Rose tree anywhere you want a lot of attention. With blooms from late spring all way through fall, Arctic Blue Rose draws the eye and keeps it there.

The blooms won't fade like some old-fashioned varieties can. That soothing color combination remains fresh all the way through from bud to drop.

Use near entrances, or create "vignettes" using this small tree as a focal point. It can be the main feature of a circular or island planting bed.

If you'll keep them in containers, try 3 or 5 of them as a matched set along the length of your patio or front walk. Try a pair of them flanking either side of your front door.

Of course, you can add them with other Rose bushes. The icy tones make a wonderful partner to the deep purple blooms of Ebb Tide Rose, one of it's parents. Add in Blue Girl Hybrid Teas as a very special curated collection.

Elevate the look of your vegetable garden with 4 of these cunning plants. Use one in each corner, and get ready to see butterflies and other pollinators.

Whether you use it as a specimen plant, or repeat it in a mixed border, Arctic Blue is a true standout. Don't miss these outstanding floribundas in your garden this season.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Plant in full sun for the best blooms. At least 6 hours of direct sunlight is required.

Rose trees need rich, but well-drained soil and won't tolerate wet feet. If you need to improve drainage, mound up by adding additional soil 18 inches high by 3 feet wide. Plant in that mound.

Or, keep them in containers filled with a rich organic soil mix. Give them a medium amount of water on a regular basis.

Prune back heads hard in early spring just as they start to grow. Cut back to a healthy, thick bud that faces outward. Prune crossing branches and branches that head into the center of the canopy.

Apply a good organic, slow release fertilizer in late winter and again in mid-summer.

You'll love the perfect blooms of this beautiful, hand-crafted plant. Order your Arctic Blue Rose tree form from our expert growers at today!

More Information
Botanical Name Rosa 'WEKblufytirar'
Mature Height 6 - 7 feet
Mature Spread 3 - 4 feet
Soil Type Well Drained
Moisture Medium
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Bloom Period Late Spring, Summer, Fall
Flower Color Blue, Purple, White
Foliage Color Green
Fall Color Yellow
Pollinator Required No
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Growing Zone Range 5-10
Arctic Blue Floribunda Rose Tree Form Is Suited to Grow in Zones 5-10
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