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Arbor Springs Tree Starter Kit

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Never worry about watering, wind or rodent damage again!

There’s three major reasons that new trees do not survive the transplant from the start.  Not enough water, wind or something damaging or breaking the new tree, or rabbit or rodent damage to the trunk.  

Now there’s a solution! The Arbor Springs Tree Starter Kit is the easy & simple way to help your new tree survive and thrive.  

The Arbor Springs Tree Starter Kit includes the three things critical right after planting to help ensure the success of your new tree. 

  1. Never worry about watering again! A 15-gallon watering bag that looks like a donut.  Plant and water your tree well, but then fill this donut with water that will slowly drip out onto the root zone slowly adding moisture over a longer period.  Fill up the watering bag as needed to keep your new young tree happy and watered. 
  2. Protect the tender bark! Bark or trunk protection is supplied with a cylinder of hard plastic that is perforated allowing the moisture to dry up on the trunk.  This bark protector will prevent damage to the trunk from rabbits, mice, weed eaters and mower damage.  If the bark is damaged all around the trunk, the tree will die.  This cylinder accommodates a tree up to a 4” caliper and can be left on all year long without any harm to the tree.
  3. Keep it straight! The most important time to stake your tree is the day you plant it. Your kit includes a stake kit with protective harness and ties to keep the new, young tree straight right from the start.  Keeping your tree straight helps it be stronger. 

We recommend 1 kit per tree ordered.  Protect your new tree and give it all the tools it deserves to get the best start with an Arbor Springs Tree Starter Kit. Order yours now.

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