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20th Century Pear Tree

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Nijisseiki'
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Firm, Flavorful 20th Century Pear Tree

  • Mid-Season
  • 400 Chill Hours
  • Incredibly Juicy Fruit
  • Stores for Months
  • Heavy Bearing
  • Self-Pollinating, But You'll Get More Fruit With Shinseiki Planted Nearby
  • Cold Hardy
  • Precocious Tree Starts Bearing Early
  • Attractive, Symmetrical Tree
  • Lovely White Spring Blooms
  • Adaptive To A Variety Of Soils

Have you ever tasted an Asian pear? They make an amazingly juicy and refreshing snack. They are so crunchy, they've earned the nickname "apple pears."

You'll be excited to know how easy it is to grow your own. Plantify offers the expertly grown 20th Century Asian Pear Tree (Pyrus pyrifolia 'Nijisseiki')for your backyard orchard. The pears feature a sweet, mild flavor and an in-your-face juicy crunch.

These popular Asian Pear trees produce an abundance of juicy, sweet fruit that keeps for a long time after harvest. With beautiful yellow skin, and translucent flesh, 20th Century is a wonderful addition to your Edible Landscape.

It's a reliable producer that is self-pollinating. It also works well as a pollinator for other varieties. Of course, as with so many other "self-fruitful" plants, you will get a much larger fruit set with a pollination partner nearby, such as Shineiki.

20th Century is a widely adaptable variety. You'll love the high quality harvest from your very own tree.

Order yours today!

How to Use 20th Century Asian Pear in the Landscape

These robust trees have a vertical growth habit. They'll make a fabulous, energetic hedgerow. They stay narrow, not growing too wide or spreading.

Try a row of them along your fence. Or, make your neighbors jealous by running a series of Plantifys' Asian Pear trees along the length of your driveway.

If you want a full privacy screen, allow these semi-dwarf trees to grow out naturally to their full width and height. Plant them 10 feet apart on center for canopies that grow together. Or, create trees that stand alone from one another, as in an orchard, with 15 feet apart on center spacing.

Measure from the trunk of one to the trunk of the next.

Even if you don't have much room, you can certainly add fruiting trees to your landscape. Simply plan to do an annual summer pruning for size control. Keep the trees 6 - 10 feet tall, as you like with tip pruning.

People across the country are waking up to the need for food security. Grow your own, and literally enjoy the fruits of your labor starting in mid-season.

Lovely form, spring flowers and glossy leaves make this an attractive tree in its own right. The glowing golden orbs of great-tasting fruit elevate it into a wonderful specimen tree.

Use it in a mulched bed anywhere in your landscape. You'll want to show it off, so why not use it as an "Edible Ornamental"?

#ProPlantTips for Care

Plant your trees in full sun. They require at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day.

They need to be planted in soil that drains quickly after a rain event. If you have poorly drained soil, create a raised bed for planting to help the roots receive adequate oxygen.

Carefully water in new trees with deep application as needed. Use the Finger Test to check for moisture below the surface.

Stick your finger into the soil near the tree. Is it moist? Skip watering that day. Is it getting dry? Time to water.

Prune 20th Century Pear tree in winter to correct shape. Remove crossing branches, water sprouts and suckers from the base of the tree. Tip prune for size control in summer.

Asian Pears produce heavy, round fruit. Plan to thin your harvest to one piece of fruit per cluster once the fruit reaches an inch wide. You'll appreciate the full-size fruit and healthy branch.

Don't miss your chance to own and grow your own delicious 20th Century Asian Pears. Order today, we will run out of these special trees.

More Information
Botanical Name Pyrus pyrifolia 'Nijisseiki'
Mature Height 12 - 18 feet
Mature Spread 12 - 15 feet
Soil Type Well Drained
Moisture Medium
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Moderate
Bloom Period Early Spring
Flower Color White
Foliage Color Green
Fruiting Time Summer
Pollinator Required No
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Growing Zone Range 5-9
20th Century Pear Tree Is Suited to Grow in Zones 5-9
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